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Independent Expert on Human Rights for Afghanistan (2004-2006)


In 2004, the UN Secretary-General appointed Professor Bassiouni as UN Independent Expert for Human Rights in Afghanistan. In this capacity, he travelled with ISISC staff to Afghanistan in August 2004 and presented an interim report to the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee in October 2004. Professor Bassiouni returned to Afghanistan with ISISC staff in January 2005 and presented his report to the Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland in April of that year.

Below: A note secretly given to Professor Bassiouni by Pakistani prisoners held at Afghanistan’s notorious Pul-e-Charkhi prison (click for transcription)

"To the respected guest We have lots of problems here but infront [sic] of the security people we cannot complain because when you leave they will beat us. There are beatings going on from the beggining [sic]. We have TB patients and this rate is increasing day by day. We have other basic problems but that need [sic] explanation and opportunity. From Pakistani prisoners."

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